Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

13 Apr

Got blog posts?



Don’t let all that content go to waste. Repurpose it into speeches or webinars. Create a mind map to help you brainstorm all the possibilities for repurposing. You can find free mind map software at


Add Speaking to Your Profiles

6 Apr

Position yourself as a speaker. Update all your profiles to include your speaking credentials and the topics you speak about.

“Susan is a dynamic speaker who energizes and inspires people to take action now. She shares herknowledge in [brand communications, marketing, etc.], so her audiences leave with information they can immediately use to create more compelling customer communications.”


Choose Speaking Topics That Mean Business

30 Mar

Choose three topics you can speak on that your audience wants information about. Your speech must first provide value to the audience and only then can you use it to market your writing services, briefly at the end. Your goal is to get business from your speeches, so choose topics that relate to your areas of expertise Here are some examples I have used:

  • How to Create and Use Webinars in Your Business
  • Create Workshops the Modular Way
  • Write Articles That Establish You as an Expert

My audience is small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and speakers. They are interested in this information, and the people who bring in speakers are also interested.

What are three topics you can speak about?

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

24 Mar

When you give a speech, prepare an offer sheet and take a few minutes at the end of your program to make your offer. The offer should be for a service or product that you have discounted for that day only. For example, you can offer six hours of writing and editing for the price of five or a PowerPoint presentation for a discounted fee.

When you book the speaking engagement, find out if you can make an offer and if there are any restrictions on it.

More about offers and offer sheets in another blog. Image

Resources–The Well-Fed Writer

20 Mar

In this blog, I will share resources I have found useful in helping freelancers grow their businesses. This blog post from Peter Bowerman on February 28, 2012 describes what can happen when you speak up. Check it out at .

All his stuff is great, but this hits the mark for me.

Speak and Come Home with New Writing Clients

19 Mar

How would you feel if you could deliver a 45-minute speech and leave with $1,800 in new writing assignments?

Pretty good, I bet.

I felt like I was flying.

I delivered a 45-minute speech on how to use webinars to grow business to about 50 small business owners and entrepreneurs at Caterina Rando’s Business Breakthrough Summit ( At the end of my talk, I offered a special PowerPoint package and walked out with $1,800 in new business. Many of those PowerPoint clients are now long-term clients on retainer.

This blog will share with you how to use speaking to grow your freelance writing business. I have been a fulltime freelance writer for more than 25 years and deliver more than 60 workshops and speeches each year to create new revenue streams, sell information products and grow my business.

I will share how I do it with you, so you can do it, too. I believe there is enough business for all of us, and I believe that my experience can help you be more successful.

Each blog post will share one tip or tool to help you grow as a speaker and as a writer. I will explain speaker sheets, how to get speaking gigs, how to create products and make offers.

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